Nemo me impune lacessit

No one provokes me with impunity


No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

Article 1, Section 9, Constitution of the United States

If this is the law of the land...why in a republic (little r) and as republicans, do we allow mere POLITICIANS to the right to use a "title of office" for the rest of their lives as if it were de facto a patent of nobility. Because, as republicans, this should NOT be the case...just saying...

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Democratic Hypocrisy

Here are Breitbart TV's top 15 hypocrits...

That was 4 years ago...where are they today?


Here is a Democratic Congresswoman being completely honest:

“Well, basically, we’re not looking to the Constitution on that aspect of it.”

While Ms. Hochul claims that religious organizations are exempt from the provisions that require birth control...but they aren't.  The Obama regime has kicked it to their insurers...but most religious organizations are self insured.  They will still have to pay for birth control, regardless of what their religious beliefs are.

But..for comic's Nancy:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Modern Fable

Via Linda,

Once upon a time

the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert.   Congress said, "Someone may steal from it at night."  So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job.

Then Congress said, "How does the watchman do his job without instruction?"  So they created a planning department and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, and one person to do time studies.

Then Congress said, "How will we know the night watchman is doing the tasks correctly?"  So they created a Quality Control department and hired two people. One was to do the studies and one was to write the reports.

Then Congress said, "How are these people going to get paid?"  So they created two positions: a time keeper and a payroll officer then hired two people.

Then Congress said, "Who will be accountable for all of these people?" So they created an administrative section and hired three people, an Administrative Officer, Assistant Administrative Officer, and a Legal Secretary.

Then Congress said, "We have had this command in operation for one Year and we are $918,000 over budget, we must cut back."  So they laid-off the night watchman.

NOW slowly, let it sink in.

Quietly, we go like sheep to slaughter.

Does anybody remember the reason given for the establishment of the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY..... during the Carter Administration?



Didn't think so!

Bottom line is, we've spent several hundred billion dollars in support of an agency....the reason for which not one person who reads this can remember!


It was very simple... and at the time, everybody thought it very appropriate.

The Department of Energy was instituted on 8/04/1977,


Hey, pretty efficient, huh???


33 years ago 30% of our oil consumption was foreign imports. Today 70% of our oil consumption is foreign imports.

Ah, yes -- good old Federal bureaucracy.


Hello!! Anybody Home?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ruppersberger Has Been Heard From

When I got home from work this evening, I found a response email in my email box...

I've thought about contacting Senator John McCain, thinking that as a veteran himself, he might be willing to help me to some extent.  I'm really not sure that "Dutch"s staff is up to it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Creativity? Nobody Beats OKGO!

Walk Off The Earth

Here's a video of a great "new" band called Walk Off The Earth.  The video is awesome.  5 people playing a single guitar!  take 5 minutes and watch the video.

If you liked the song, take a look at their youtube channel.

Hat Tip Moe Lane's blog And Moe's right, this is Eff'ing brilliant.

Here's another one

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A young man who refused to sing songs in his school choir that praised Allah, has quit school due to receiving death threats.  That's quite inline with the "religion of peace" that threatens death to anyone who is deemed to "insult Allah."

Of course, the MSM isn't covering the story, that would play into the racist conservative meme, that Islam is a violent, racist religion that oppresses women and minorities, especially those who aren't muslims.

Hat tip Jammie Wearing Fool

Locomotive Breath...

When I was a kid back...well, a long time ago, the album Aqualung by Jethro Tull was released. The songs bowled me the time, I lived in Panama City, Florida...and back in those days, if there was a bright spot in the centre of the universe, then PC was about as far from as you could get. But, that album made me want to learn how to play flute. Eventually, I learned all the songs from it.

Here's the video for one of my favorite Ian Anderson say, played in a "slightly different form, to make it more fun to play

African Americans For Obama?

Can someone tell my why this isn't racist? 

...after all, if someone started a group called "White People Against Obama" the media would be screaming for scalps, now wouldn't they?  He's a divider not a uniter.

Halal Meat...Fact or Fiction?

Hi, I've gotten this from several readers.  I don't know as to the accuracy of all the statements, but SOME of them are correct.

"Costco stocking their meat counters with
"Halal" meat."
I shopped for groceries at my local Wal-Mart. As usual, I bought a bag of frozen chicken breasts, but this time I checked to make sure the meat was not labeled "Halal." Here's why:

Halal is the Islamic term that basically means the meat is lawful to eat for a devout Muslim. What makes it lawful or acceptable is that the meat has been processed in a very specific way. Unlike kosher food, where the physical processing of the meat is the focus, for Islam it is the spiritual component that makes the meat lawful.

For lawful (halal) meat in Islam, the animal must be killed while the butcher faces Mecca, and either the butcher cries "Allah Akbar" or a tape plays the words over a loud speaker.

Ann Barnhardt is a cattle commodities broker, has more about "Halal."

NEVER buy meat that is marked as "Halal."
I am in the cattle business, and believe me when I tell you that Halal kill plants are CONSTANTLY being cited and shut down by the USDA for horrific infractions. Most of these plants are in Michigan and upstate New York.

One of the things that halal kill plants are notorious for is putting already-dead animals in the human consumption line. They will go pick up a dead cow off of a farm or ranch and instead of putting it in their rendering tank where the resulting " tankage " is worth pennies on the dollar as pet food or industrial products, they will shackle the dead animal on the normal kill line and process it as human food which is the highest-dollar product.

Since Islam teaches dishonesty (taqiyyah) and no regard for one's neighbor, this kind of sickening behavior is standard.

Halal plants are also notorious for general citations for filth and un-cleanliness. I have toured normal cattle slaughter plants, and guys, you could eat off of the floor. Everything is white and men walk around with water hoses and steam guns constantly keeping everything in a state of spotlessness.

Halal plants are filthy. A lot of Halal meat is also labeled as "organic."

Again, don't be fooled into thinking that "halal" means "better." It isn't. I would never, ever knowingly eat halal meat purely from a food safety perspective.
I don't know personally, if the above is true, but Snopes (which isn't always accurate) says it's not.  You decide.

Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger

Over the past several years, I've tried to contact my Congressman, C. A. "Dutch" Ruppersberger.  Because I live on the edge of his district, his web site says I'm not a constiuent.  Fed up with not being able to contact my Congressman, I called his office.

After several tries, where I was hung up on three times, I finally got someone to acknowledge that I was a human being.  I spoke to a young man in the DC office, who refused to identify himself.  I believe his name is Justin Brower.  I asked him why I couldn't contact my Congressman via email, and he told be several times that according to his software I wasn't "in the District."  When I told him my voters registration card from the Supervisor of Elections for Baltimore County, Maryland said I was...but the SE of BC "must be lying, then."  Because as we all know, computers/software is never wrong.

He then asked for my email address so that he could send me a direct email address for the office.  That was 2 weeks ago...crickets...

The reason I wanted to contact the Congresscritter was because I would someday, before I die, actually collect on the disability from my military service.  I've been trying for the past 28 years to get what the VA owes me...but the VA office in Panama City, Florida screwed up the paper work so badly, that I've never been to get a dime. disability for a service connected injury was 10%...that comes to (don't know what E3 make now...or what sort of pay raised they've gotten over the past 28  years) $63 @ 336 month = $21168.00

Does anyone know how in the hell I can get some help on this?  Short of hiring a lawyer, that is.  Can't afford that.

So much for getting a Congressman to help a constiuent.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Media Matters For America Enemies List

It's not just paranoids like Richard Nixon who have "enemies lists." According to the Daily Caller, so does Media Matters For Ameria.

  • News Corp
    • Fox News Channel
    • Fox Business Network
    • Fox News’ websites
  • Conservative news sites
    • WorldNetDaily
    • NewsMax
  • Conservative think thanks
    • The Heritage Foundation
    • American Enterprise Institute
    • Cato Institute
  • News Corp executives
    • Rupert Murdoch
    • Chase Carey
    • David DeVoe
    • Lawrence Jacobs
    • James Murdoch
  • Conservative donors
    • Peter Thiel
    • Richard Mellon Scaife
    • Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
    • John M. Olin Foundation
    • Koch Family Foundations
  • Fox News executives
    • CEO Roger Ailes
    • Senior vice president Michael Clemente
    • Vice president of news Sean Smith
    • Vice president of new editorial product Jay Wallace
    • Fox Business Network executive vice president Kevin Magee
  • Fox personalities
    • Glenn Beck
    • Sean Hannity
    • Bill O’Reilly
  • Fox senior production and corporation staff
    • Hannity executive producer John Finley
    • On the Record executive producer Meade Cooper
    • O’Reilly Factor senior executive producer David Tabacoff
    • Fox & Friends executive producer Lauren Petterson
  • Political figures
    • Carly Fiorina
    • David Vitter
    • Eric Cantor
    • John Boehner
    • Mitch McConnell
    • Michele Bachmann
    • Steve King
    Perhaps its time to begin reviewing the rules for nonprofit organizations...with an eye to rewriting them so that groups like this can no longer hide behind the nonprof shield.  Personally, I think that there are far too many non profit groups as it is and most do nothing to merit that status.

    Sunday, February 12, 2012

    Fun Things...

    Thanks Linda!

    Obama's Enemy List

    Via Don Surber's blog...

    More Solyndra's Are On The Way

    As the Obama "green" energy policy continues its collapse this year, we can expect that many more of the companies that this administration has invested billions of "stimulus" funs in will end up in bankruptcy. Ginny Thomas of the Daily Caller has an interview with dan Kish, an energy expert. He says that we can expect most of the companies to go belly up.
    Has the Obama administration learned anything from losing millions of dollars in the solar energy company Solyndra? Not that much, says the Institute for Energy Research’s Dan Kish, an expert in the field. “Solyndra is just the tip of the iceberg,” Kish said. “Other companies have failed. They haven’t made as big a splash as Solyndra. Other companies are going to fail.”

    With this on the horizon, the Obama administration continues it's war on coal fired electrical generators, forcing the closure of 6 more plants in Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania, thanks to the new draconian EPA "green house gas" emissions standards.
    Its generation subsidiaries will retire six older coal-fired power plants located in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland by September 1, 2012. The decision to close the plants is based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), which were recently finalized, and other environmental regulations.
    But, we knew this was coming Obama said as much during that 2008 election cycle.

    He said this repeatedly during the campaign.

    The problem is not technical, uh, and the problem is not mastery of the legislative intricacies of Washington. The problem is, uh, can you get the American people to say, “This is really important,” and force their representatives to do the right thing? That requires mobilizing a citizenry. That requires them understanding what is at stake. Uh, and climate change is a great example.

    You know, when I was asked earlier about the issue of coal, uh, you know — Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad. Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.

    They — you — you can already see what the arguments will be during the general election. People will say, “Ah, Obama and Al Gore, these folks, they’re going to destroy the economy, this is going to cost us eight trillion dollars,” or whatever their number is. Um, if you can’t persuade the American people that yes, there is going to be some increase in electricity rates on the front end, but that over the long term, because of combinations of more efficient energy usage, changing lightbulbs and more efficient appliance, but also technology improving how we can produce clean energy, the economy would benefit.

    If we can’t make that argument persuasively enough, you — you, uh, can be Lyndon Johnson, you can be the master of Washington. You’re not going to get that done.
    Since Mr. Obama couldn't get "Cap & Trade" through Congress in 2009-10 when he had absolute majorities in both houses, he has instead chosen to do so through the EPA, via a "regulatory back door." One in which Congress has very little control over. You can expect your electric bills to begin their upward march in the next few months.
    How's that hope and change for you?

    Saturday, February 11, 2012

    Mitt Romney CPAC 2012

    Rick Santorum @ CPAC 2012

    Newt @ CPAC 2012

    Occupy Movement Unmasked

    Here's Andrew on the Occupy 'movement' and the comparision to the Tea Party Movement.

    BreitBart: CPAC 2012

    I admire Andrew Breitbart a great deal. He has the stature to say things that I'd like to say, but because of his prominence, people will listen to him. Here's his CPAC 2012 address:

    It's time for the conservative movement to stop allowing the biased Liberal media to control our message. The internet is our biggest tool in this fight and that's why Liberals want more government control of it. SOPA was just the beginning, there's another bill pending before Congress that gives control of internet censorship to the government. As soon as I have details I'll post them.

    Friday, February 10, 2012

    The Tea Party: What We Believe

    Here's a great series of videos by Bill Whittle on the basics of what the Tea Party Movement and conservatives in general actually believe in and is pursuing as a political movement.

    Part One: Free Enterprise

    Here's Party Two:  Eliteism

    Part Three:  Wealth Creation

    Party Four: Natural Law

    Party Five: Gun Rights

    Part Six: Immigration

    Party Six:  American Exceptionalism

    Why We Suck: Bill Whittle's Fire Wall


    Congressman Paul Ryan in the video below says he's open to selection as VP...but far more importantly, doesn't rule out having the GOP convention draft him as the presidential candidate of the Republican Party. 

    While it hasn't been done in recent memory, it was the norm when there was no front runner. There would be vote after vote...when, often suddenly, a "dark horse" candidate would be proposed...and would win! This is the first good news I've heard on the GOP primary-candidate front in quite some time. I'm personally disappointed in pretty much all the candidates this time around. None of them seem to have the character necessary to make the very difficult choices that will have to be made in order to keep our country fiscally solvent.

    I mean seriously, does ANYONE think Barack Obama will cut spending to the levels necessary to keep the country from going bankrupt? How about Mitt Romney?   Romney is the choice opponent of the Obama campaign, that alone is enough to want somone else.  Newt Gingrich?   Newt has enough baggage to sink him in the general.  Rick Santorum?   Rick is a "big government" Republican...and that makes him very much part of the problem, and certainly not part of the solution.  I won't even mention Ron Paul, who's supporters are mostly first class lunatics.

    So, here's hoping that the Republican party goes into it's convention without a clear leader in the delegate that the convention will have to choose someone else.

    Thursday, February 09, 2012

    The Billion Dollar Campaign: Obama's Hypocrisy In Action

    While I'm not a supporter of the RNC, I believe that and the big government GOP elites are part of the problem, they CAN come up with a good video now and again.

    Tuesday, February 07, 2012

    Tim Teebow & Tom Brady Register To Vote In Minnesota

    This is breaking @ PJ Media, here's a shorter version of the video shot by James O'Keefe of the Veritas Project, showing how easy to register false people in Minnesota.

    This is why states need to require state issued, photograpic identification when people vote.  It's not racist, and it's stupid to say so.  It doesn't target poor people, because if you can't afford to PAY FOR ID, you can get one FREE!  Nor is it racist to require proof that you are a citizen to register to vote.

    Full video here:

    Monday, February 06, 2012

    Flying In China

    This is an incredible video...of flying in china

    Chinese Scenes from BASE-Book - Matt Gerdes on Vimeo.

    While I've always thought that I was brave...or at least relatively so...not sure I could do this, though I suspect the rush is far better than any drug...

    Thanks Linda!

    Maryland Governor To Raise Gas Tax 18Cents a Gallon

    Martin O'Malley, has raided the Maryland Transportation Trust Fund of nearly $1 Billion dollars since he was elected to the Governor's mansion in Annapolis.  He has used this money pay for non-transportation related budget items.  Now, in order to "pay it back" he is seeking an 18 cents a gallon gasoline tax. That would raise the price of gas, from $3.48 Baltimore area $3.66!  That approaches national high prices...

    Yet again, in order to cover the blue/blue social model, corrupt Maryland politicians have stolen money from one trust fund, to pay for items that are utterly unrelated to what that trust fund is supposed to pay for.  This explains why Maryland roads are in such disrepair.  Rather than cut costs, Maryland's politicians have stolen it.

    Now, they want to fleece people of the state to replace the money before they're caught.  Baltimore's ABC affiliate has begun to report this...developing.

    CPAC 20122

    CPAC 2012 is this week.  Living in Baltimore, I'm only 45 minutes driving away...but I can't afford either the registration fee...or the parking to go, even for one day.  That's really depressing.  I've been just up the road from this for years...and I've not been able to afford the $$$$ necessary to go.

    C'est la vie...

    Bureaucracy Wins: San Francisco Edition

    San Francisco is not business friendly...and here's a video BY A CITY EMPLOYEE showing just how FUBAR the "system" is there.

    This is what happens when people make rules, who have absolutely no concept of what sort of impact those bullshit rules do to people who actually want to create wealth and jobs.

    Male Restroom Etiquette...

    The title speaks for itself...

    Thanks to Ed Driscoll for this informational video.

    Liberal Hypocrisy Alert: CNN Chapter

    The hypocrisy of liberals knows no's John King calling Mitt Romney, Governor Mormon.

    But...since King is a liberal, it's ok for him to show his bigotry...and it'll only be reported in the right blogosphere...

    Scotsman Buys an I-Phone 4S

    Don't play this at work...without's not for young ears...or if you're easily offended...that being said, it's hysterically funny.


    Education Bubble: Government Cause Inflation

    Joe Biden, Obama's VP has admitted that government subsidies have caused the cost of education to rise more than 400% in the past 40 years.


    American Secondary Education: FAIL

    Here's a video that shows just how bad our high school educational system is...


    Sunday, February 05, 2012

    The Intollerance of Diversity...

    Here's another great video from Pat Condell

    Bedbugs @ the UN

    Saturday, February 04, 2012

    Reinventing Flying: The ICON A5

    Don't Tease the Frog

    Don't tease the frog...he might bite!

    From Linda, thanks!

    Ronald Reagan On Being A Republican

    Google Sucks

    If I could afford it, I'd abandon Google completely.  Their bullshit system Google+ makes it nearly impossible to access blogger accounts without jumping through a dozen different screens.  Here's what I sent the assholes  @ google:

    "WTF did you do to my blogger site?  I can't find it...where is the dashboard?  WTF DID YOU DO?  You've ruined this site."
     I can't begin to describe just how much I despise google.  I won't use them as a search engine any more...they've become far to accomodating with dictatorships and censoring searches...furthermore, they will now direct you first, to sites that pay them to do so...that's bullshit in the first degree...

    Friday, February 03, 2012

    I'm George Soros, and I approved this Candidate


    I'm not a big Newt fan...but if Soros doesn't like him...then he can't be all bad...but the flip side is if he likes Romney, then Romney must go!

    Ann's Hypocrisy...

    Ann Coulter, whom I once admired for saying those things about Liberals, and liberalism, that one oughtn't say out loud, has had one flip too many.  Her over the top support of Romney goes against what she was saying just a few short months ago.


    That's steeply at odds with her current hyper-partisant rants that Romney is the savior of the GOP in this election. For years, she's been a sharp critic of RomneyCare in Massachusetts...


    ...but has suddenly changed her tune...that's her attempt to justify that she's a supporter of Mitt Romney. But Dan Riehl has a excellent rebuttal,
    There really is nothing new in her item, nothing at all; it's sophistry wrapped around old information, or argument, all of it dealt with previously and broadly. From a conservative perspective, the only difference being, rather than arguing as a conservative against over-reaching government perpetuated by elitist thinking, a misguided Coulter foolishly seems to have decided she's now somehow one of said elite, competent, or qualified enough to tell us what's good for us. Honestly, it really is that vapid in the sense of argument. But then, she didn't have much to work with.
    Ann, stop talking for a few months...get your head out of your ass and start thinking again.

    Questions for Obama

    Here are some very interesting questions that the media SHOULD be asking the incumbent in the
    White House.  I don't expect them to do so...they've been carrying water for so long, that really, no one expects them to do so...
    If the economy is getting better, then why did new home sales in the United States hit a brand new all-time record low during 2011?

    If the economy is getting better, then why are there 6 million less jobs in America today than there were before the recession started?

    If the economy is getting better, then why is the average duration of unemployment in this country close to an all-time record high?
    If the economy is getting better, then why has the number of homeless female veterans more than doubled?
    If the economy is getting better, then why has the number of Americans on food stamps increased by 3 million since this time last year and by more than 14 million since Barack Obama entered the White House?

    If the economy is getting better, then why has the number of children living in poverty in America risen for four years in a row?

    If the economy is getting better, then why is the percentage of Americans living in "extreme poverty" at an all-time high?
    If the economy is getting better, then why is the Federal Housing Administration on the verge of a financial collapse?

    If the economy is getting better, then why do only 23 percent of American companies plan to hire more employees in 2012?

    If the economy is getting better, then why has the number of self-employed Americans fallen by more than 2 million since 2006?

    If the economy is getting better, then why did an all-time record low percentage of U.S. teens have a job last summer?
    If the economy is getting better, then why does median household income keep declining? Overall, median household income in the United States has declined by a total of 6.8% since December 2007 once you account for inflation.
    If the economy is getting better, then why has the number of Americans living below the poverty line increased by 10 million since 2006?

    If the economy is getting better, then why is the average age of a vehicle in America now sitting at an all-time high?

    If the economy is getting better, then why are 18 percent of all homes in the state of Florida currently sitting vacant?

    If the economy is getting better, then why are 19 percent of all American men between the ages of 25 and 34 living with their parents?

    If the economy is getting better, then why does the number of "long-term unemployed workers" stay so high? When Barack Obama first took office, the number of "long-term unemployed workers" in the United States was approximately 2.6 million. Today, that number is sitting at 5.6 million.
     I'd love to see the media asking Mr. Obama this stuff.  But it won't happen.  The GOP presidential candidates won't ask either.  The only one who did, has targeted by the GOP Establishment figuratively crucified in the court of the media.

    HatTip, Instapundit.
    What the tea party needs to do is read the history of the 1840's and 1850's.  The Whig party leadership got to the point where they believed they knew better than their base how to run not just their party, but the country.  Eventually, the political base of the party became disenchanted  with their leadership and began to flee the party.

    By the early 1850's, the Whigs disintigrated as a coherent political force.  From those ashes rose the Republican forward to 2010...

    The GOP leadership made unrealistic promises to conservatives that if they were given control of Congress, they would reduce spending, repeal ObamaCare and roll back the regulatory brick walls that Democrats had raised against investment and business expansion.  Following the election, Congressional Republicans deliver "reductions in 'future spending'"...and nothing else.

    The base, the Tea Party movement has been casting around for a leader...but instead found hundreds and thousands...because "all politics is local"'s time for conservatives to realize that the GOP is both moribund and morally bankrupt.  They will do none of those things that are planks to the party, except to enrich themselves and their cronies...just as Democrats are doing.  The party Establishment will do everything in it's power to maintain their hold on the must toss them out like dirty water...

    ...and start fresh.  The Tea Party has been played for a fool by the Estalishment of the GOP.  Republican "leaders' will pay lipservice to the ideals that the GOP stands for, but will continue to "go along to get along".

    If we can complete the process started 2 years ago, in 2014, The Tea Party can present an entire slate of candidates who are uncorrupted by the current Republican Party Establishment, and in fact, shunt the GOP aside, and take it's place to make the very difficult decisions that are necessary to place this country back on a sound fiscal stance.

    Thursday, February 02, 2012

    Obama's Prison

    Here's a great video:

    It's by Johnny Cashless...

    Wednesday, February 01, 2012

    Romney Doesn't Care About The Poor

    This is the man whom the GOP Establishment wants to be the "conservative" nominee for president.  He hasn't a clue...and here's an excellent reason why he won't be.
    On Wednesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer reacted to a statement former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney made earlier in the day that he was “not concerned about the very poor.”

    ...and thus died any chance of the electorate retiring Barack Obama...

    Romney Wins Fla Primary...but Kills Party Doing So...

    The GOP Establishment has driven this country (in cahoots with the Democratic Party) onto a reef...and now we're sinking. What do they do? They choose ObamaLite as the Elite's candidate. Mitt Romney will merely spend a little less than Obama's done/doing...all while the GOP Establishment lines it's pockets...just as Obama's supports are doing.

    After Romney's and the GOP establishment's attacks on the "elite's chosen one," I will not vote for Mitt Romney in any election at all. I will skip that line and vote down ticket. My choices at this point are reduced to voting against all incumbents...whatever the party.

    Incumbents and the GOP Establishment have become the problem, NOT the solution. They will tax and spend just like the Democrats have done...and they have "gone along to get along" with for the past 70+ years. They are the problem and not the solution..

    The GOP Establishment has shown that they have nothing but contempt for the base of this party, and the Tea Party Movement in particular. This election cycle is done with (I firmly believe that Romney can't beat Obama in the general) and the party has not learned anything from 2010. That being said, it's time to start a new fiscally conservative party that will be able in 2014, and later, begin fielding candidates that will actually try and make those difficult choices that the GOP Establishment has refused to make.
    It's time for a fundamental shift in the American political turning the Tea Party Movement into a genuine political party.  Fiscal conservatives should, nay, must abandon the party of "spend a little less" and begin finding candidates who will enter primaries TPM candidates.

    The end of the GOP is nigh...and it will be an ugly end...just as the end of the Federalist and Whig parties were ugly...the end of the later...led to the Civil War and the rise of a now corrupt and moribund Republican Party.