Nemo me impune lacessit

No one provokes me with impunity


No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

Article 1, Section 9, Constitution of the United States

If this is the law of the land...why in a republic (little r) and as republicans, do we allow mere POLITICIANS to the right to use a "title of office" for the rest of their lives as if it were de facto a patent of nobility. Because, as republicans, this should NOT be the case...just saying...

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Democrat Opposed To Obama Care

I think that the entire problem of the opposition to the Health Care Debate has been to allow the label "reform" to be successfully applied to what is occuring. The government's seizure of yet ever larger portions of the economy has nothing to do with health care reform. What it has to do with is government power, and direct control over the citizens of this country. Those on the left here in the United States have been attempting for decades to take direct control over the economy. This is merely the most recent attempt to do so. A good friend was sent a copy of a constituent's letter.  The letter I'm posting here is to Ron Klein, Congressman from the 22nd District in Florida.

My Dear Mr. Congressman:

I have been a Democrat for more than half a century, and I am thoroughly disgusted with the behavior of the party leadership and many of the sheep Democrats.

I am thoroughly and unalterably opposed to the Obama health care bill, although no one in the leadership of my party seems to care.

You apparently support this bill, without even knowing in advance what is in it, and seemingly without concern for the cost.

I am going to make you a promise: If you vote for this bill, and even if it fails, I will support your opponent in a primary challenge. If you are the Democrat candidate, I will support, campaign for, and vote for the Republican.

Moreover, I will bring along a lot of my friends and neighbors in this endeavor.

If you like Obamacare, then kiss your job goodbye.

M. Ross Shulmister
One Disgusted Democrat
M. Ross Shulmister is a highly respected trial attorney in Pompano Beach.  You'll recall that trial attornies are an important constituency of the Democratic party.  He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, and a retired career Air Force officer (as was my father).  Additionally, Mr. Shulmister is decorated combat veteran seeing service in Vietnam as well as many direct confrontations with Soviet and Warsaw Pact forces during the Cold War, intercepting Soviet Bears (long range bombers and reconnaissance aircraft) when they violated US Air space in Alaska and Canada for NORAD.

Here is a video response to Mr. Klein by a retired physician.  Mr. Klein's constituents just don't support this bill, which makes it evident that he just doesn't represent his constituents on this issue.

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